Friday, July 24, 2009

43 more days ........ Legs & Shoulders

Today I headed downstairs for cardio which turned into a leg and shoulder workout. Hmmmm how did that happen? I find that I love lifting!! I mean really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! So just going downstairs for cardio was just not going to cut it for me today. :D I did get in some cardio as well and I was feeling pumped burning almost 500 calories.

I took a good look at my physique today as I was thinking I want more. I want more definition -- and what i want less of is fat :) Don't we all? So I am really going to tighten up my diet. I mean less than 6 weeks till vacation right? I can do it -- just have to stay focused and be prepared at all times. Occasionally I have a protein bar when I am on the run, but I am finding that they may be hindering my progress. They make me feel bloated and within 30-45 minutes of consuming one I don't feel so "light". I get that bloated feeling ..... so have to prepare myself really well when I head out. Have to pick up some smaller containers to help with this and really make some extra food.

Well off to get some tofu recipes to try out. I have some firm tofu that I have to prepare. This will add some variety to my diet and some flavour!! :) All about the spices.

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  1. Nancy,
    What type of bar are you using? I really like the carbsmart body for life, sometimes I just do 1/2bar and save the rest you may try that. You could put each 1/2 in a zippy so they are easy transport maybe a full one is too much they are for me sometimes.

    Keep up the workouts your doing GREAT!

    I am SO with you on the LESS FAT! and tighting up the diet, I am considering tofu.

    Any suggestions?