Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lost track of days.......

Yes it is true I have lost track of my days.... But the workouts are still coming on strong, each and every time. So I will have to recalculate how many days left till our family vacation. But my journey of course will not stop there. This is something I am committed to for life.

My food journals will start looking 100% clean everyday in the next week. I will have no temptations of chocolate chips cookies or trail mix. I will be eating more on schedule - every 2-3 hours consistently every day. The weekend will no longer be cheat meals (even if the portions are small), cheat meal will be just that 1 meal. As a good friend of mine calls it - I will have "ONE REFUEL MEAL" a week. Meal preps will be more consistent and I will no longer be asking the question "Hmmm what am I going to eat today?"

I would say my meals everyday are at least 85% clean, but I need that 100%. No bites, licks or tastes -- this will make my efforts at the gym, so much more rewarding when I slip on my shorts or put on my bikini.

My weight, with all the hard work at the gym as stayed consistent, but I know my physique could look so much better. Closing on our home Thursday, so by Friday night when my kitchen is in order it will be massive meal making time. I can not wait!!:) Being prepared, will take me far :D

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