Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Starting point -- DAY ONE!!

My 12 week Transformation Challenge finished last week and now BODY FOR LIFE CHALLENGE starts today for me. Incredible how diet really can change your physique. In 4 days after upping my carbs and getting in a couple of indulgent items in my system, my stats look different as does the overall package.

Check theses out:
Weight 100 lbs
13% of Body Fat (Omron)
Waist 23.5
Navel 25
Hips 33.25
Right Thigh 18.5
Left Thigh 18.25

Now I am up 2.2 lb, body% is up almost 1%, my waist is up 3/4 inch and my navel is up 1/2 inch. I decided to take some other measurements as well such as chest, my right bicep and my right calf. Just a few extra measurements to monitor. So I will try to report weekly on my stats and keep you posted on my diet change and workout routines. My lifting should progressively get heavier and calories I imagine I will be consuming in excess of 1700 calories, even as much as 1900 calories. I am mentally prepared to gain weight and hopefully it will be mostly muscle, but gaining fat in inevitable, but hopefully as the challenge winds down I will burn that off. Muscle gain first objective.

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