Monday, April 6, 2009


So today I made a decision - or maybe the decision was made for me. Whatever the case was, whatever the reason I am walking away with a clear concise. I was not going to blog about this, but than I realized I had too. I had to, not for anyone but myself. I had to because I want to move forward, get past this and not look back. Lessons learned - and I imagine I will always keep learning. It is what I take away from theses experiences that are most important.

How I feel about myself - I will not let anyone dictate how I feel about me. How I feel about my conduct, my expectations, my desires. I know them and I am not sticking around for someone to throw stones at me because they are stressed or overwhelmed. Not me - I am not going to be someone punching bag.

I have so much to look forward too and I am going to keep pushing forward with my challenge, my expectations of my myself, my mind and my body. I will surround myself with good people who have good intentions of my abilities. Hmmmmm I do feel better.

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