Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MY Nutritional Symptomatology

So yesterday evening I decided to go back and re-test my Nutritional Symptomatology. I had preformed the Advanced NUTRI-BODY Analysis about 4 months after diving into my Nutritional Consultant certification and through a re-test was in order.

An ADVANCED NUTRI_BODY ANALYSIS is a method of nutritional appraisal designed especially for professional Nutritional Consultants. It enables me to pin-point each person;s unique biochemical weaknesses, The scores in each category of the questionnaire are compared only to the person's overall state of health and not to any textbook standards or statistical averages. From my studies I have been able to interpret and make sound recommendations based on each participates unique responses to the Advanced Nutri-Body Analysis.

So before I reveal my results let me first briefly explain what biochemical individuality . The term denotes how we all differ nutritionally. We do need the same food factors such as protein, fats, vitamin, minerals etc, but we do not all need them in the same proportions of from the same sources. Our body's own ability to digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients varies widely from person to person. We have internal organs that differ in efficiency and in their needs for specific nutritional support. Because of allergy or intolerance, many of us react adversely yo foods which other thrive on. Some of us have stressful lifestyles that place high nutritional demands on our bodies.

Laboratory test are expensive, time consuming and of limited usefulness. They are more reliable for finding the final stages of advanced disease than they are at uncovering early or sub-clinical imbalances, the very kind which are most common. Laboratory tests provide a "snapshot" of what a person's biochemistry looked like on a particular day. They are however not indicative of long term trends. I focus on clinical tests - which focuses on tests and observations of physical signs and symptoms. This is a motivational approach that allow my participation to become full participants in their own health care. My main source at the moment is the Nutritional Symptomatology.

I can survey and analyze a person's unique array of symptoms to discover possible nutritional causes for them. I can interpret deficiencies and imbalances long before they show up on laboratory tests.

So I answered my 700 questions - which ask about bodily and emotional complaints and it's consistency. Does the specific symptom or emotional complaints happen sometimes/mild, often/moderate or very often/severe?

MY RESULTS: I added up my results and found the TOP 4 components I should focus on, which were increasing my (1) MACRONOUTRIENTS of Essential Fatty Acids, (2)Improving my Digestive Imbalances specifically my Lactic Bacteria, (3)MACRO MINERALS of Silicon and (4) Metabolic/Systemic Imbalances - which for me is Hypoglycemia (also known as low blood sugar) I have to revisit my supplementation for Hypoglycemia such as Vitamin C, the B-complex vitamins as well as zinc and chromium. Theses results have IMPROVED GREATLY since educating myself in nutrition. For example I was looking at my Hypoglycemia score from my first test back in August and found I scored 78. Now I scored 33.

I also noted my MIDDLE ground imbalances and was surprised to see that another digestive imbalance of the liver/gall bladder, which indicated that I am not getting enough duodenum when it is needed. Bile is what is needed to break down large fat globs into tiny droplets, so that the fat-splitting enzymes from the pancreas can work on them. YIKES!!! Without enough bile, fats and minerals combine in the gut to form insoluble soaps which often cause constipation and mineral deficiencies. And listen to this GALLSTONES can also create the symptoms in this section. Many people have gallstones without knowing it. Such stones are solidified cholesterol that plug the gall bladder and prevent bile from flowing as needed. So I determined a "gall bladder flush" is in order.

My goals is to combat my big 4 along with addressing my liver/gall bladder first. My weighed scoring is a very reliable methods of approximate measurement as it focuses the attention on the most significant imbalances. If theses are corrected, then all of the others will tend to correct themselves.

The Advanced Nutri-Body Analysis not only will allow me to interpret the results, but will also look at detoxifying, Dietary Guideline and Supplements recommendations depending on an individuals unique biochemistry.

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