Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today makes 8 weeks of since I signed up for the 12 week Transformation Challenge. It has been a good run and I am feeling good about my progress and I am not holding back on my workouts or my nutrition. Full speed ahead. SO GET OUT OF MY WAY!! I upped my calories since I started, hired an online nutritionist and personal trainer who has helped me develop a few workouts and it's working out well. My focus on macro nutrients has been adjusted a bit in the last 5 weeks and I feel like I have a good solid handle on my eating. Still enjoying the occasional cheat meal, once a week and trying to keep my fingers out of the sunflower seed butter jar. Yes - my addiction is no longer peanut butter but sunflower seeds :) But the texture is different, so refraining from it has been easy where as regular peanut butter I could scoop, and scoop rather frequently I would. Took that out of my diets, months ago and now I will not even look at it :)

So I was anxious to jump on the scale and see what my results are - grabbed that tape measure and my Omron and went to work! I was not surprised, I've done well I was PROUD. For one of the first times in a while I was genuinely PROUD. I wasn't thinking oh that good, but I would have done better here. NO, I was proud and happy with the results. I have given it my all and if that is my best than I am happy with that.

Here are my measurements and stats when I submitted my form, enrollment fee and my pictures:

BODY FAT: 15.3%
NAVEL: 27.5
WAIST: 25.75

And here are my results now --- drum roll please ;)

Weight 102.2lbs
Body Fat 13.1% (Omron)
Waist 23.75
Navel 25
Hips 33.5
Right Thigh 18.75
Left Thigh 18.75

In 8 weeks I have lost 6.8LBS, 2.2% of body fat reduced and 7.75 inches (MEASUREMENTS FROM 5 AREAS) But I can not stop there! I still have 4 weeks to make some improvements and of course they are not going to be HUGE numbers in 4 weeks but they will be better than this week. Moving forward, being consistent, being healthy - that is what this challenge is for me. Oh yes -- and finishing what I started.

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  1. You look fantastic!! Way to go! Can I ask how tall you are?