Friday, January 30, 2009


After 4 weeks of the being part of the Transformation Challenge I am pretty happy with my results and the changes I am slowly making with the help of my trainer. She has given me some great direction and I am ready to follow it to the "T"

I have decided to post my results and measurements that I have did this past Tuesday. Unfortunately I do not have the measurements from the start, but I still have another 8 weeks to track them - so I can still see the progression. My weight has gone down 5lbs and according to my Omron so has my body fat :) But as my trainer suggested this may not be very accurate - so I am taking that information with a grain of salt and relying more on my photos, energy and of course measurements.

So for tracking purposes and motivation. Here they are:
WEIGHT: 104.4lbs (down from 109lbs)
% of Body fat: 14.75% (down from 15.3%)

So here are my measurements- not a big change because it was just this past Tuesday (01-27) that I decided to use this marker, which was 3 days ago
Chest: 32 (the same)
Small of waist: 24 1/4 (down from 24 1/2)
Across the Navel: 25 1/2 (down from 26 3/4 - a WHOLE INCH and 1/4)
Hips/Butt widest part: 34 1/4
Right Thigh: 19 1/4 (down from 19 1/2)
Left Thigh: 19 (down from 19 1/2)

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  1. Great job on the progress so far Nancy!!! Your abs look like they are really popping out!